The Author

Author of children’s books.
Creator of Start A Story Young Writers Workshop.
Host of Start A Story the children’s television show on Rogers TV Cable 22.
You can watch the pilot episode on YouTube here!

He is active on social media at @TimmWrites. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

Timm Holmes has wanted to be an author since he was eight years old. He spent most of his life writing stories in different genres and for different age groups. Once he became a father, he was inspired to create improvised bedtime stories for his two young sons in an effort to have them fall asleep with silly adventures in their minds.
The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper came to life!

As Timm read his stories to an ever growing number of classrooms full of children, he realized the children loved the idea that the stories came together with just a few pieces of information and some imagination.
It allowed them to believe that they could do something similar.
Start A Story Young Writers Workshop began to take shape.


A kindergarten teacher named Vickie Taylor planted the seed during an excited rant about how Timm had spoken to the children in her class.
Timm had described how the puzzle pieces fit together; a beginning, an end, and a middle linking them together. He had boiled down story creation to its bones in an attempt to explain the process to the children.

Now Start A Story visits schools, libraries, community groups, and even birthday parties to excite the heart, inspire the mind, and celebrate the creativity of young writers and storytellers from kindergarten to grade six!

Start A Story has also been developed into a 30-minute pilot for a children’s television show by Rogers Cable 22 with the cooperation of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. We hope to make more episodes with another network to spread our “Love of Writing and Storytelling” message as far as possible!

Timm wanted to be an author, but it took a very long time and two special boys to make him brave enough to share those stories with others. Timm now spends every moment he can inspiring young people to share their creativity!

Timm lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two sons.