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Timm Holmes has been creating stories since he was eight years old. It wasn’t until he became a father that he even considered creating children’s stories.
He’s made up bedtime stories for his two young sons and is now turning the best ones into books!

Timm is the creator of Start A Story Young Writers Workshop which is a group story building adventure for children from age 5 to 12. Start A Story has been produced into a pilot for a 30-minute children’s television show. It can be viewed on YouTube here
Timm has also created Tell a Tale Workshop in which parents, educators, authors, and business professionals are invited to create a children’s story and then tell it in an engaging and interactive way!
He can also be found on stage performing with his Author Making Machine in a show that has children and their parents creating and hilariously telling stories live in front of audiences!

Timm’s books are available directly from the Book Shop on this site or at select Chapters & Indigo locations in Ottawa and on Amazon. Timm lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two sons. He spends every minute he can exciting, inspiring and celebrating the creativity of young storytellers!
He is active on social media at @TimmWrites.
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