Celebrate A Story


These are some of the stories created by young authors from kindergarten to grade six who have participated in Start A Story workshop. Some tales are taller than others, some were published as limited edition copies for the young authors themselves, and all of them are full of the creativity that sprang from working with author Timm Holmes.

Hearts were excited, minds inspired, and as you read about their stories below, you become a part of celebrating their creativity!

Some of the stories will even have links to videos of the storytellings that took place at the conclusion of each workshop!

Enjoy what you discover, but most importantly share what you discover!
Help shine a light on these creative kids!


Jungle Friends is about a baby panda and a baby koala that became friends by learning to take turns playing each others favourite games. A sweet story by some really great kids. Some children had wanted to write about race cars or the pyramids. Their ideas weren’t chosen by the group, but were incorporated into the final theatrical telling of the story. Panda and Koala had a rolling race that took them past, amongst other things, some pyramids. In the end we had so much fun that an impromptu dance party broke out!

IMG_77102. VINES
A young girl named Zoe unknowingly unleashes sentient evil vines from a mysterious library book. The vines possess her by pricking her with their poison venom.
Under their control she begins to spread the vines all over the city causing panic and ruin wherever she walks. Powerless to stop her, the authorities can only watch in horror as she grows several stories tall and uses magical spells to open a portal to another dimension and time. Some incredible enthusiasm and great ideas from the entire class. Almost every student had at least one of their ideas make it into the story, building on each others ideas. True team work!

A tale of a young orphan kitchen boy named Jasper who overcomes his fears with the help of a few tiny glowing ghosts and a wizard to save the kingdom. A strange colorful creature has been sneaking out of the forest and eating all the happiness! Only the most powerful happiness spell can rain down enough candy to defeat the creature and reveal its true form. A knight lost in the woods long ago and transformed by his great sadness. Now free he promises a better life for Jasper as he offers to train him as a knight! The teacher for the grade one/two split class decided to try out one of the post-workshop activities and assigned each student to write their own version of the story we had created together. The teacher shared a few with me and I’ll be honest I shed a few tears reading these stories, overwhelmed by the fact that Start A Story had such a successful impact.


In our story Captain Cake sails with her crew to find treasure. They are stopped along the way by a giant jellyfish that loves to tickle and doesn’t want to stop. Croissant Raccoon suggests that the jellyfish take up juggling and they give it all their cannon balls. They sail on to find the treasure at the bottom of the sea. They are able to reach the bottom of the sea by using the cannon to shoot Captain Cake in her special mermaid suit down into the water. Hidden inside the treasure chest is a clumsy Octopus named Oops. The crew has found a new friend! They celebrate with a dance party on their ship!


Captain Cake Pirate Kitty sailed off on her great ship The Litter Box in search of treasure! They knew the treasure was on a sunken ship in a hidden cave at the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, a hammerhead shark who thought he was hilarious (but wasn’t that funny) stopped the crew and insisted on telling them jokes! Mother mouse promised the hammerhead shark a new joke book if he would show them where the underwater cave was. The shark showed them, and they found their treasure! When they opened the treasure chest, out stumbled a clumsy Octopus named Oops who had accidentally trapped himself in the chest. To celebrate having found a new friend they had a party on the ship. They played tag and Oops Octopus was the best tag player ever!

The Black Hole is about a mischievous boy named Max who pressed a button he shouldn’t have! He didn’t know it at the time but he had just ruined Halloween! The machine was designed to keep all the ghosts, skeletons, and zombies from waking from their graves on Halloween like they used to before we made it all about costumes and candy! With the help of undercover police officers and scientists from NASA, planet Earth is saved from being overrun by the masses of undead creatures that Max had unwittingly unleashed. As I continue to publish the results of these workshops, I can not stress enough that these stories are not at all planned in advance. They are from the minds of the children. I simply guide them through from beginning to end and in some cases help them keep it age appropriate!

Normally I don’t allow the children to write a story involving an established character because it limits their creative choices. However I had several busy bodies that I felt I could connect with if I allowed who they wanted in their story. The Spooky House is a tale that involves Batman waking up to find that something has snuck into his mansion and hidden away in his Lego house that he had built. At first Batman assumes that it’s another of Joker’s evil schemes, but quickly realizes that it’s simply a tiny monster looking for somewhere safe to sleep. The monster thinks he has found a friend so he shares a secret with Batman. There is a tiny monster growing inside his belly and they are about to split into two monsters. I had a special guest assistant with me who is an artist. Brenda Dunn proved to be a great mingler during the art parts, instantly gaining connections and trust from the kids.

(click here to watch the story telling 06:31)
Joe’s Adventure has our hero Joe searching for the Legendary Cheese, which he believes he has found near the top of a very tall tree. Will he be able to reach it? Will strange worms get in his way? Will he find the Lost City of the Guinea Pigs? Watch at the links below to hear the story and find out! My friend Brenda Dunn @artinjest was inspired upon hearing what she called “artistic gold” as I explained one particular moment in the story the children created. She created some very special art to go along with the story.

Start A Story Young Writers Workshop paid a visit in the early stages of what by all accounts turned out to be a relatively sleepless sleepover for the Beaver Scouts. The story they chose to start centered around three friendly aliens who had a sweet tooth when it came to electric energy! The aliens bit off more than they should have and found themselves in some trouble and on the run. Toronto meanwhile had been left in a complete blackout. Luckily the keen colony of Beaver Scouts had a plan! They would track down the aliens and find them a new favourite food, one they liked even better than electricity!
This story was professionally printed into the 1st Start A Story Limited Edition book!
At the end of the session, the Scouts gave me the distinct honor of presenting me with a North Star tail for great work in the community. I’m told it’s one of the highest honors for a Beaver Scout to receive.

Fluffy & The No Good Lions was the story started by the Grade 3 class that won the junior award for Manotick Public School’s ReadAThon. The story is about a small boy horse named Fluffy who believes that he is a unicorn. His father, mother, and big sister know that Fluffy likes to make up fantastic stories and so they shrug off his insistence that he is a unicorn as another tall tale.  They are a family of racing horses, off to Africa to compete in the world reknowned horse race The Kenyan 500. Lions in disguise sneak onto the track and try to eat the horses, but Fluffy’s magic emerges, allowing him to save his family and offer the lions another option for food.

Osgoode Public School’s Kindergarten Fox class  were very well spoken, passionate story creators! In their story Silly Saves The Farm, a boy named Henry has a pet chicken named Silly. Silly the chicken secretly drives his race car at night in the barn and all the farm animals enjoy watching. When a local fox accidentally sets the barn on fire, it’s up to Henry and Silly to find a way to save all the animals trapped in the barn. Osgoode Public School seems to have such a positive environment where the children and faculty are both so alive and ready to learn and grow! I enjoy visiting very much.

Weirdo & Harold’s Big Day sees a frustrated young worm fed up with a one-eyed, purple-haired giant named Harold who tramples the worm tunnels every Monday. Along with 99 of his young friends Weirdo plans to speak to the giant and politely ask him to stop and walk on the other side of the river. Building a tower, using a hot air balloon, flying on jet packs, the worms do their best to get the giant to hear their request. Another story started! I can not get over the emotional high that is seeing kids as young as Kindergarten have such clear ideas of what they want in a story! Even if it’s challenging to get them to stop being silly and actually think about what would work. Even if the majority are led or influenced by the minority. I get goosebumps everytime I do one of these story reveals because they’ve come from kids!

Nectar loves ice cream more than anything! So he makes sure to visit Osgoode Public School when the kindergarten Bears are having their annual Outdoor Ice Cream Party! After overindulging in ice cream tasting, Nectar gets stuck and needs help getting back on his way. You never know what might excite or inspire a group of children, but it is always so important to celebrate those moments with them.

Twenty-eight Girl Guides and Brownies combined efforts on their story Eloise the Unicorn?
Eloise is a horse that is convinced she is a unicorn. She feels so comfortable talking with Billy the one-horned bull that she believes they must be related somehow. When Eloise cries there are sparkles in her tears. The one thing that makes her feel most like a unicorn however is her uncanny ability to make people feel better simply by being near them. She fills them with hope or happiness, and even sometimes heals them when they are sick. A family wedding and a visit from a talking pineapple make this story a fun ride from start to finish. There was SO MUCH MORE that these passionate young authors wanted to include in their story, and some short sequels were even written before I had packed up all my gear at the end!

Rockcliffe Park Public School kindergarten Dinos shared Arrow Root cookies with me because making a story made us hungry! In the The Hungry DinosaurJim is a young boy who wakes up on a lazy Saturday morning. He makes his way downstairs to the kitchen to have something to eat. Jim smells a terrible smell! Oops! He forgot to take out the garbage last night. Jim can’t put the garbage in the garbage can because there’s something really big taking up all the space. A huge pencil crayon that’s almost as tall as he is! The pencil crayon has the power to bring anything it draws to life, including a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s up to Jim to make things right once the dinosaur gets loose and makes a mess everywhere he goes! Jim must put out fires and save the T-Rex from roller skating on cars. Finally Jim draws a large new cave home for the T-Rex and they become the best friend neighbours!

A kindergarten class at Forest Valley Elementary School decided to tell the story of a shy octopus that they named Sunshine. She wanted to play with the other seas creatures, but she didn’t know how to ask. She worked up the courage but couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. Luckily a dolphin sees her attempt and asks her to play tag.
Sunshine is too good at tag and the other creatures get bored.
They try basketball but Sunshine gets too dizzy!
Sunshine tries being a goaltender in a soccer match and she’s the best!
Finally she teaches the sea creatures her own version of tag called Octopus.
The seas creatures love their new friend and they celebrate with a rock’n’roll dance party!
The class had also agreed to be filmed during the workshop by CTV News Ottawa as part of a feature piece that they were doing on Start A Story. The segment aired in June 2018 and you can watch it from the Featured Video section on timmholmes.com.

The first Start A Story at the Ottawa Public Library during their TD Summer Reading Program saw the creation of a story about a bully. This was no ordinary bully however. It was a walking talking piece a grass!
Penny and her blind friend Henry are playing at the park and the blade of grass steals their ball. After he kicks it away he jumps onto the play structure and starts eating the metal! Penny turns on the water spouts at the park and the blade of grass is knocked off the structure landing in the field where kids are flying kites.
He starts untying the kites and the kids are upset as they watch their kites fly away.
A nearby bird rescues the kites and returns them to the children, then scoops up the cackling blade of grass and tucks him neatly into its nest.
He suddenly has a home, is happy to be needed, and he apologizes for the way he has acted.

Cadence and Teddy live in a magical land called Sparkelo. The brother and sister really want a pet rabbit. Searching their backyard vegetable garden for a rabbit to befriend, they see balloons floating through the air above their backyard. They can see something inside the balloons! They throw some stones and manage to break two of the balloons allowing the magic wands that were hidden inside to fall into their hands! They repeat the magical phrase “Sparkley Magic” three times to power the wands and bring a bunny rabbit to life!
Their celebration is cut short however as it turns out the balloons belonged to a young Squicken’s birthday party and were intended as pinatas. A huge cloud of 105 adult Squicken (Flying squid chickens) cast a shadow over their backyard.
Their new bunny speaks up and tries to frighten the Squicken away with stinky cheese that he hurls at them. It just makes them angrier. Then he tries out his karate moves, but there are too many Squicken. He knows what to do. The bunny calls out for the unicorns with a special call for help. The unicorns arrive and chase the Squicken away, leaving Cadence and Teddy with their new bunny rabbit!

(click here to watch the story telling 04:26)
Tom tells his little sister Elizabeth the rumours about Mrs. MacIntosh’s garden that grows strange things. Elizabeth decides to find out the truth for herself in hopes of finding a pet cat.
She finds cheetahs growing on vines, giant purple underwear growing on trees, and book flowers with magical words that turn to candy when you read them! Mrs. MacIntosh discovers Elizabeth in her backyard with the help of her robot dog LuLu. Mrs. MacIntosh is a kind woman and invites Elizabeth to plant cat tree seeds when it’s the correct season for them.
This workshop took place at Indigo Pinecrest in their community room and the young authors ranged in age from six to eleven. It sounds like a crazy story but is one of the most engaging Start A Story tales to have been created. A wonderful read aloud!
It has been professionally printed for each young author as the 2nd Start A Story Limited Edition book!

Sandria could never have expected the adventure she ended up on when taking a hike through a forest nearby her home. When she came across a strange machine with a large red button. She pressed the button. Glitter and sparkles shot out of the machine and a large door opened at its base. She could see an entirely different world on the other side! She stepped in to look closer and was almost immediately set upon by three unicorns who mistook her for an elf because of her rainbow coloured shirt.
The prince unicorn was lost and she would discuss the details of her search and rescue mission with the king at a traditional spaghetti dinner at the castle.
Sandria agreed to help the unicorns. Making her way through the land of the trolls in a game of hide and seek, then through the field of riddle speaking potatoes, and up the mountain covered in marshmallow snow. It was there she met the dragon who had kidnapped the prince and she rescued him by defeating the dragon with an ice cream catapult! Her reward? Unlimited wishes, riding on a rainbow with her own baby unicorn, and a necklace with a glass unicorn pendant that will allow her to return anytime she wishes!

Frankenstein Hippo doesn’t think he’s good at anything. His friends all have something they are the best at doing. Fish swims the fastest, Dragonfly flies the furthest, and Frog leaps the longest. Hippo is so sad that his friends take him to the waterpark to cheer him up. It works… for a moment. Hippo splashes all the water from the pool. BBQ’s next door are ruined. Hippo breaks the slide. He’s embarrassed. Hippo eats most of the park food. People get angry. Hippo can’t even have fun well.
As he leaves the waterpark he begins to dance without really thinking about it.
Mumpa Lumpa the monkey who is in charge of the stage show sees him dancing and thinks it’s wonderful. Frankenstein joins the stage show and everyone cheers when he dances. This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 3rd Start A Story Limited Edition book!

(click here to watch the story telling 10:45)
Blahblahblah travels from Pizza Planet to Earth in search of friends. He finds a boy and a girl who are very thankful after he rescues their cat from a tree. So they help him on a mission to find some friends. The flamingos are too boring, the hedgehogs are too spiky, and the python is just too hungry! Finally they repair a sunken submarine and head out to visit the dolphins who are perfectly excited to play with Blahblahblah until the stars come out at night! This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 4th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

Owen is a half boy half monkey who lives on his own in a tree house in the jungle. His favourite foods are Brussels sprouts and bananas. He’s got bananas in the nearby trees and giant Brussels sprouts in his garden at the base of his tree.
One day while picking out his breakfast, Owen finds a huge pencil inside one of his giant Brussels sprouts!
Owen loves to draw, so he takes the giant pencil back up to his tree house and begins to draw! Fssss, fsssss, pop! The thing he draws comes to life off of the paper! It’s a dragon with a unicorn horn. Owen names him Iforget. He is friendly dragon but flies away to discover this new land he finds himself in, promising to return.
Owen draws more creatures but finds each one more trouble than the next!
A giant hornet king that causes earthquakes while digging for jewels.
A flying blue cyclops chicken that shoots lasers from its one red eye cutting down trees.
A group of thieving monkeys that end up stealing Owen’s Brussels sprouts, bananas, and his magic pencil!
Iforget returns just in time to help Owen get his pencil back and use the other end of it to erase his troublesome creations.

Mya is at the beach in Hawaii where she lives with her grandmother. Her mother disappeared many years ago. Mya finds a seashell near the water’s edge. Her grandmother tells her, “They say whatever you hear from the shell is the truth.”
Mya puts the shell to her ear and hears a woman’s voice say, “Follow the golden back turtle… I await you at the crystal caverns…”
Mya drops the shell and tells her grandmother what she heard. Her grandmother says, “It’s time then.” Her grandma takes off her necklace and places it around Mya’s neck.
Then she points toward the sand dunes far down the beach where the turtles lay their eggs. Amongst the many turtles Mya finds the golden back turtle and as she gets closer realizes that she can hear what the turtle is saying and that the necklace is allowing her to. Mya can’t swim so she’s hesitant to follow Leo the turtle into the water. She does and they are captured in a fisherman’s net. She cuts herself and all the turtles free with a sharp edge of her necklace. The crystal caverns turn out to be an underwater cave. Mya’s necklace glows to light the way. They get to a wall of stone that should be a door according to Leo. In frustration Mya hits the wall with her fists. She gets cut and her blood turns out to be the key. Inside she finds her mother… who is a mermaid!
As they embrace in happy tears her mother says,  “Your sister can’t wait to meet you!”


Start A Story got creative at Braxton’s seventh birthday as he and his friends imagined Braxton as a superhero – the powerful Tornado! Red Shark his nemesis was up to no good, stealing dinosaur bones from the museum to raise an army of ghost dinosaurs to rule over the city of Almonte and beyond! Tornado used his spinning speed and his mind control over birds and jelly fish henchmen to defeat Red Shark. His evil plans were foiled for today but Tornado would be ready for Red Shark’s next scheme!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author in attendance at the party as the 5th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

(click here to watch the story telling 05:50)
Everyone at school is excited for popcorn day. It is Michael’s turn to bring the popcorn to his class. He goes to the supply room where they keep the popcorn and discovers it has been stolen!
Michael tells his principal who knows just who to call… Mr. Banana!
Mr. Banana is a very talented singing private detective banana who spends most of his time in Las Vegas, which is where Michael’s principal reaches him.
When Mr. Banana arrives to help solve the mystery he says, “Thank you, thank you very much for getting me involved. Let’s solve crime!”
A clue is discovered – a feather on the window sill. Michael pulls out his recently received birthday gift of HP Glasses that can analyze anything they look at! It’s a turkey feather!
The principal, Michael, and Mr. Banana review the security footage in the principal’s office and they see the turkey enter the popcorn room, waddle through the hallway, into the ladies washroom, and then into the auditorium.
Once they go to the auditorium, they find a trail of popcorn kernels leading to a vent with a loose grate. They wiggle through the vent and end up outside the school in the back corner. They hear painful moaning. The turkey is legs up and super fat, filled to the brim with all the popcorn he’s eaten!
Michael has an idea and his principal agrees to it. It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving so with the school hosts a Thanksgiving dinner so those who are less fortunate can have some great food and a good time. Of course they have popcorn for dessert!

(click here to watch the story telling 06:49)
Jeff the squirrel was collecting nuts near the castle when he saw a very angry Troll. Jeff never liked to see anyone upset so he thought he might help the troll, even though he was very scary looking.
“What seems to be the matter?” asked Jeff.
Bobby the troll revealed that he and his family were very hungry and he knew the potato King and Queen were growing corn inside the castle. Bobby intended to feed his family corn and potatoes that night.
Jeff being very good friends with the King and Queen of Potat, couldn’t stand by and let this happen. Bobby the troll laughed at Jeff. “How can you tiny squirrel stop me?”
Jeff knew squirrel kung fu. He used his Tongue of Power to slap slobber all over Bobby and then he wrapped his insanely long tongue around Bobby and spun him so he was dizzy. Then Jeff executed his flying squirrel face hug and spit jolly rancher candy into the troll’s hair. Bobby fell down and his sticky hair got him pinned to the ground.
The Queen of Potat who had been watching the entire thing used her magical Staff of Potatoes and turned Bobby into a potato with a troll face.
Jeff brought Bobby the potato into the castle where the King and Queen told him that he only needed to ask if he needed some food. They invited his entire family to dinner that night but only if Bobby acted better in the future.
They dined together that night and these days Bobby’s family even helps the King and Queen grow their corn and have never gone hungry since.

IMG_767628. THE TENT
Ryan is a hockey player on vacation at the carnival.
He gets his favourite treat – blue cotton candy but the wind blows it away.
He ends up chasing it into a tent where he sees elephants juggling cheetahs!
He sneaks in to watch this amazing event.
Shortly after he takes a seat the chimpanzees enter the tent determined to have a Juggle-Off. The chimpanzees begin to juggle giant balls of cotton candy. The elephants try to do better and stand on one leg. The chimpanzees use magic and float in the air and begin to eat the cotton candy as they juggle it.
The elephants wobble and fall, Ryan instinctively runs to the rescue and catches the elephants and begins to juggle them, while they continue to juggle the cheetahs.
The chimpanzees are impressed and decide to test Ryan.
The chimps use magic to float up so the cheetahs can juggle them, then they float up their balls of cotton candy.
Jeff is juggling the elephants, who are juggling cheetahs, who are juggling chimpanzees, who are juggling balls of cotton candy and eating them.
All the animals agree that Ryan should show what he can do to the entire carnival. The chimpanzees let him borrow some of their magic and Ryan is suddenly able to juggle faster and run faster.
He goes all through the carnival and everyone agrees that Ryan is the greatest juggler they’ve ever seen!
Ryan is hired for the carnival in the off season when he’s not playing hockey.
Ryan gets a gold trophy for winning the juggle off. Ryan gets all the cotton candy he can eat as a benefit of working for the carnival. Ryan also gets paid a $1000 a day to work for the carnival and “makes his moneeeeeeyyyyy!”

Helga the giant and her husband are about to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary!
Aliens visiting see Helga picking flowers, happy and excited about her anniversary and they decide she deserves a surprise!
The aliens sneak into her home and “decorate” with slime from their armpits all over the floor. Helga and her husband slip, slide and fall on the slime. The thumping and bumping knock over the extremely taels cakes that the alien caterer has delivered.
The cakes smash onto the floor and get covered in slime. Helga’s husband discovers that the slime actually makes a tasty addition to the cake!
The aliens aren’t done yet as they surprise the giant couple with guests from Mars!
The aliens use their portal gun and open up a tear in the sky, that a rocket ship towing Mars flies through. Mars gets stuck though since the portal isn’t large enough!
So the alien guests glide, slide, and bounce down a very long rope. They even brought some disco balls for the dance party!
After an evening they’ll never forget, Helga and her husband are too tired to clean up.
Luckily the gravitational pull of Mars being towed away from the portal back to its proper place in the solar system sucks up all the mess from Helga’s house.
Helga and her husband sleep very well that night dreaming of their 8th and crazy anniversary!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 6th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

Katie was in grade four and was an amazing scientist because of her science teacher Ms. Donuthead. She loved to experiment, but her mother didn’t want the mess in the house so Katie built an underground secret lair.
Rosco was Katie’s dog. He was a Puggle and had a nose for finding things!
One day, just before St Patrick’s Day, Rosco smelled a terrible smell in the garden.
He dug deeper and deeper, trying to discover the source of the stink.
He dug so deep he fell in and found himself in an underground tunnel!
It was dark. Rosco did not like the dark.
He saw a light ahead and inched his way forward.
Rosco discovered a room with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, test tubes and computers and a strange creature lying in a small tub that was plugged into the wall.
This creature had all the features of a dog except its body was a giant creampuff!
This freaked Rosco out. He began to bark and that woke up the creme puff dog.
The tunnel behind began to collapse. They made a run for it. The creme puff dog followed Rosco and that scared him.
The dirt gave away and they fell into an underground river.
Creme puff dog floated and Rosco held on. Soon though the creme puff body got soggy and began to sink. Rosco pulled the creme puff to the edge of the underground river.
They tried to dig a tunnel but got stuck and started to whine. That whining got Katie’s attention and she rescued them.
Katie was upset that Rosco had ruined his birthday surprise of a new puppy sister. With her lab collapsed, Katie improvised a potion to finally make the creme puff dog a real dog named Clemy.
The transformation freaked out Rosco until Clemy began to excitedly lick his face.
That’s when the ground began to rumble.
Katie’s spilled potions had changed things underground. Digging themselves up out of the garden were rock dogs, worm dogs, and beetle dogs.
That was the beginning of Katie’s Kennel for New Dogs.

(click here to watch the story telling 06:53)
Zack the squirrel sees a huge line of creatures coming from the castle.
He investigates and discovers a very upset troll named Cordelia.
She’s upset because they won’t let her into the dance competition at the castle without a partner. Zack reveals that he is the best dancing squirrel in the world with his Floss dancing.
Cordelia is a break dancer and together they enter the competition.
They see the most giant disco ball ever and all the colorful decorations hanging from up high in the castle.
They go up against, chickens doing the chicken dance, pigs spinning on their tails, humans doing the cha-cha, horses prancing, bunnies hopping, frogs doing ballet, and tap dancing cats.
Cordelia break dances and Zack does the floss on top of her while she breaks out her moves.
The King and Queen decide that Zack and Cordelia are the winners and present them with the Oogie Boogie Cup!
It’s filled with candy that they share with the other dancers.
Under the candy they find diamonds and gold! It’s enough to start their own dance school for all the creatures!
Next year the competition will be even tougher!

(click here to watch the story telling 06:18)
Squirm the worm is very upset that her tunnels are being crushed every week by the same giant. She decides today is the day that it has to stop.
She gathers all her worm friends and they make a plan to get the giants attention so they can ask him to stop crushing their tunnels.
They try shooting worm fireworks and they are too small and too quiet to get his attention.
They try swarming him, climbing his body and tickling him. But he is not ticklish.
The decide to do something they’ve never done before and they form Mega-Ultra Worm. A giant worm creature made up of all the worms standing together!
One worm flies by the giant’s ear on a firework to try and make him notice Mega-Ultra worm who is now behind him. He turns to look but his footsteps shake the ground and the worms wobble and fall!
The giant doesn’t see Mega-Ultra Worm.
Squirm has had enough! She wiggles faster than she ever has and bites the giant on his big toe. He shouts Ow! and trips.
Squirm wiggles right onto his nose and talks to him.
He tells her his name is Gordon and that he is lost. He has been searching for his secret lab but it’s so well hidden, he’s forgotten where it is!
All he wants to do is find his lab so he can cook his delicious beef!
He apologizes to the worms. He had no idea he had been trampling their tunnels.
Squirm suggests they call her friend Billy-Bob-Joe the Eagle who flys Squirm around the forest until they find a clearing inside a circle of trees that is perfect for a new lab!
The worms help dig up the area for Gordon’s new secret beef making lab.
Once he has it up and running, Gordon invites the worms over to share his Beef Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Caramel Brownies, and Triple Scoop Ice Cream!
They all become the best of friends!

Cyber the cheetah wanted to be the fastest cheetah. Faster than his sister Luna.
Faster than his former champion father Racer “Razor” cheetah.
Cyber was clumsy and tripped on his own legs, and would bump into trees.
Marshmallow the Toucan offered to help him train.
He flew over a clear path, and Cyber focussed on chasing him.
Enough practice and Cyber became faster than Marshmallow who then got his friend the Falcon to help. The Falcon was much faster but eventually Cyber could keep up with him.
Cyber’s father Racer saw his son training hard and even though he was not old enough yet, his father began to train him.
They did cheetah yoga stretches, and Racer taught him techniques to move his paws even faster. After a short time training his father decided that he was ready to enter the racing tournaments.
Racer placed a green jeweled necklace around his son Cyber’s neck for good luck.
Marshmallow unleashed the racers from the starting line, “Ready, set, race!”
As Cyber sped forward he could feel the green jewel in his necklace begin to vibrate and he saw it glow bright.
Then everything was gone. The race track, the other racers, the spectators, his family.
He was in a tunnel of light still racing forward, afraid to stop.
Then there were growls and monsters stepped out of the light walls.
“No one travels through time without our permission”, they said in booming voices.
They hurled huge balls of slime at Cyber trying to slow him down. He dodged those.
Hands reached out from all sides of the light and one snatched the necklace away.
The tunnel of light disappeared. Cyber was in a large dark room.
Lights in the very high ceiling came on. Cyber could see a dark figure sitting in a chair.
The dark figure demanded he come forward. Cyber moved forward carefully.
The dark figure stepped into the light. They were both amazed.
Cyber was looking at himself much older and obviously he had become King of the cheetahs. King Cyber was worried that he would never become King if his younger self was stuck in the future. To travel back in time Cyber had to run just as fast but backward. Something he couldn’t do.
King Cyber offered his robot cheetah Penelope to assist with this.
King Cyber also placed a jeweled necklace around Cyber’s neck. It looked the same as the necklace that the monsters had pulled from Cyber’s neck in the tunnel of light.
Cyber practiced holding tightly to Penelope’s back. Then large doors opened revealing a long straight race track.
Penelope raced fast enough to get them into the tunnel of light traveling back through time. The monsters attacked again.
Penelope seemed to know where to stop running. The light tunnel disappeared and there they both stood at the finish line.
Everyone was shocked having seen Cyber disappear mid-race and now reappear at the finish line. Even more amazed as they watched the robot cheetah fade away like a ghost.
Cyber was so happy to be back where he belonged with his family and to officially be known as the fastest cheetah.

(click here to watch the story telling 10:55)
Tanner and Alicia were on a school science field trip with their Science Teacher Athena and their class pet Normy the guinea pig!
They were out in the ocean on a ship. The class all got called to the lower deck to have dinner. Tanner and Alicia stayed up with Normy to look at the water and the turtles and fish they could see swimming next to their ship. They weren’t careful and fell overboard.
Normy fell out of Alicia’s hands and landed on the deck of the ship.
No one could hear Tanner and Alicia’s calls for help because they were making lots of noise all talking at once getting plates and cutlery on the table and deciding who had first dibs on the hamburgers and jello.
Normy came down the stairs, hopped onto a chair, then the table and sat down in the bowl of jello to get everyone’s attention.
“Normy!” they all shouted.
Normy squeaked urgently and Athena was the only one that could speak guinea pig.
“Kids overboard! Oh no!” she cried.
Athena and the class spent all night looking out over the railing, sailing in different directions looking for Tanner and Alicia. They didn’t find them.
As the sun was setting Tanner and Alicia saw they had floated close to two islands. They were getting tired and cold so they had to make a choice quickly. They chose the tall pointy looking island and not the dark creepy looking island with all the strange shapes.
They chose wrong. As they swam ashore they saw that it was a volcano island.
The ground shook with an earthquake and a crack opened up that they had to run away from. They ended up in a field of magma littered with lava mines. These were electronic traps set here by someone! They used a bucket they found and transported water from the shore to short circuit the mines.
The path they opened up for themselves also allowed the lava zombies through!
More buckets of water helped to slow down the lava zombies as they solidified. Tanner and Alicia were able to run from them.
The volcano began to erupt and rocks came falling out of the sky having been thrown up into the air by the eruption. Tanner and Alicia ran for cover into a cave.
The cave was a Goblin mine. The Goblin loved their science tricks to defeat the lava zombies and helped the kids escape to the other island through an underground tunnel.
Tanner and Alicia weren’t happy when they found out it was a vegetable island.
They were hungry though. So they took bites and realized all these vegetables tasted like candy! When they had their energy back, they got to work on their escape plan.
They used lava from the other island to melt the candy vegetables into hard parts for their rocket ship. Then they used lava for fuel.
They blasted off and crash landed right next to their school field trip ship.
They told their entire class about what they had found and guided them to the the candy vegetable island to have a great snack!
It was the best science field trip ever!

Toddy and his Gramps are sitting in the dark of their empty french fry manufacturing plant. They’ve been robbed of all their potatoes!
Gramps reveals that there is only one way to catch the burglar. They need to make some Silk Tea. Silk Tea is an inside joke and is actually a mix of left over fry grease, gravy, and ketchup all mixed and boiling.
So they get to work mixing it all up. Then they install new laser grid motion detectors and Toddy spreads ketchup packets over most of the warehouse floor. They open all the windows of the factory so the smell from the bubbling silk tea wafts out into the night.
Sure enough the burglar returns thinking that the factory is still in business.
He repels down a rope from the ceiling slipping right through the motion sensing lasers since he’s only the size of a large potato.
Toddy and Gramps can’t believe what they are seeing – a potato wearing a cape and two pairs of sunglasses!
The potato creeps across the floor making the ketchup packets burst and squirt him in the face. He takes off running and can’t see the puddle of Silk Tea he’s running toward.
He slips and slides right into the wall. A cage falls down on top of him. He’s trapped!
Gramps and Toddy ask why steal the potatoes?
Gerald the potato thief explain that they’re his friends. They’re getting turned into french fries before they have a chance to grow their arms and legs!
Gramps and Toddy are both grossed out and amazed by this.
They ask how he even got passed the security in the first place.
Gerald recounts his slipping past the security guards by heading to the roof and coming down a rope. Although last night he landed on the french fry making treadmill and had quite the challenge hitting the off switch.
Then he broke the locks on the crates of potatoes with his karate skills.
The smaller potatoes he carried in sacks over his shoulder.
They were on the second floor. The security guards are been alerted and were coming up the stairs. Gerald used his hip holstered ketchup squirt bottles and temporarily blinded the guards. There was only one way out.
Gerald smashed through a huge glass window, landing on the roof off the delivery van.
A waterfall of potatoes cascaded down from the shattered window and got into the van.
Gerald’s getaway driver was a cactus named Bob and he sped out of that warehouse with a van load of rescued potatoes!
Gramps and Toddy are amazed by this story and can’t see how they could keep making french fries. Before they get to make any decisions however, the factory door rumbles and shakes, then bursts open.
Five hundred potatoes are standing outside the factory demanding that Gramps and Toddy release their hero Gerald. Gramps and Toddy let Gerald go.
Many weeks pass and Gramps and Toddy have closed the fry factory and decided on a new business… burgers!
One morning shortly after opening for business, they discover their brand new delivery van has been vandalized with graffiti. Under their logo for “G & T Burgers” are the spray painted words, “We’re going to get moo…”
It was while they first read this that they heard the rumbling noises at the front doors to their factory. Then they heard “Mooooooo!”

George Washington and his sister Sophie really wanted a pet, so they decided to build one. They built a beaver out of spare parts and a furry vest from the Halloween costume crate. Then they borrowed Grandma’s potions book and poured a little on their creation.
Their beaver came alive! Then the full moon came out and it changed!
The beaver grew a chicken head and chicken legs and it howled like a wolf! It was a werebicken!
The werebicken caused all sorts of trouble at the grocery store as it gobbled down 5052 cups of apple sauce it scared away all the customers and made a huge mess.
Then it tumbled down the street and released all the dogs in the dog pound creating a dog stampede!
Sophie and George Washington decided they needed to get their creature somewhere safe, so they went to the docks where their dad kept their boat tied up and they sailed across the lake to their families cabin.
They fell asleep and when they woke up they were prisoners of the werebicken and 100 other chickens turned into werebickens.
The Loch Ness monster saved them and carried the werebickens to an abandoned apple orchard where they lived for quite some time happily making their own apple sauce!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 7th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

Henry heard on the news that Ava the tornado was headed right for his family’s berry farm. They needed to get themselves into the underground shelter.
Henry went looking for his favourite pet chicken Mister Blueberry, so named because he ate so many blueberries that his feathers had been stained permanently blue.
Henry couldn’t find Mister Blueberry in the chicken coop, so he went to the barn and discovered Mister Blueberry’s secret under-barn laboratory!
Mister Blueberry didn’t want to go to the shelter. He had blueprints for a machine that just might save the farm!
Henry helped his amazing pet chicken and together they built the very tall machine by taking apart the barn, a couple tractors, and using every light bulb they could find.
They turned on the machine and it sucked in the tornado and chopped it up.
It used the power of the tornado and shot snowballs to put out the fires that Ava had started. They were safe and they had saved the farm!
To celebrate their success, they used the machine to make blueberry flavoured snow cones!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 8th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

This is an alien love story.
Hungry aliens leave Mars on their goofy, talking red space train Coo Coo the Choo Choo and head for the burrito dimension.
They land on their favourite planet and wait for the storm clouds.
It rains burritos and they all munch like they’ve never had lunch.
Too late, the aliens discover that the burritos are too spicy!
They try to run back to Coo Coo, but a giant chicken nugget blocks their way.
To the left of the chicken nugget is his tiny little side kick Sweet and Sour sauce.
They want the aliens to never come back or they’ll put them in jail.
The giant chicken nugget wants all the spicy burritos to himself!
A huge bubble gum monster happens by and tells the chicken nugget to pick on someone his own size. The chicken nugget and his saucy sidekick run away.
The aliens board Coo Coo the Choo Choo and head to the water dimension to soothe their burning mouths.
An asteroid field blocks their way. So the aliens throw the coal from Choo Choo’s engine and explode enough asteroids to make a path through.
They journey to the nearest water dimension planet but the atmosphere is blocked by a wall of ice. The aliens all struck their tongues out and lick their way through the wall.
They land and gulp down water. That’s when they meet the beautiful octopuses.
The octopuses think the aliens are brave when they hear their story.
The aliens think the octopuses are sweet when they use their guitars and sing.
They all cuddle and watch the sunset. The aliens are in no rush to go home.
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 9th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

Elstovo Nacho the Pterodactyl woke one morning to find her parents missing from their cave. She flew out to the the waterfall to see if they’d gone out to have a shower.
On her way she saw a rainbow and coming through the rainbow a flying bear holding a caveman, with a cave rainbow coloured guinea pig on the bears nose who seemed to be giving the bear directions.
She shook her head never having seen anything so strange, and focussed on finding her parents.
They were not at the waterfall though.
Elstovo Nacho knew they loved the dry heat of the desert so she flew that way to see if she could spot them gliding over the sand dunes.
They were not in the desert though.
The flying bear holding the caveman, guided by the rainbow coloured guinea pig on the bears nose flew by again, but this time the caveman could see Elstovo Nacho was worried.
“What’s the problem?” asked the caveman.
Elstovo Nacho explained and the caveman suggested that they check with Santa, since he had a list and checked it twice, wouldn’t he know where to find her parents?
It made a strange bit of sense, but Elstovo Nacho didn’t know how to get to the North Pole. The guinea pig did though! So they all flew together and landed right outside Santa’s house.
Santa was of course very helpful and took a look at his list, only to discover that her parents seemed to be at the end of the rainbow!
Elstovo Nacho, the flying bear, the caveman, and the rainbow coloured guinea pig all hurried to the end of the rainbow and found nothing.
The guinea pig then asked, “Aren’t there two ends to every rainbow?”
They had to hurry to the other side because the rainbow was fading!
The guinea pig used his rainbow powers and all the colour flew off of him strengthening the rainbow enough for them to reach the other side!
Elstovo Nacho found her parents at a giant bowl of cheesy macaroni!
They had wanted to surprise Elstovo Nacho with her favourite meal.
Everyone shared the cheesy macaroni and got covered in cheese sauce.
They all flew together to the waterfall for a shower, happy and full of cheesy goodness!

Joanna finds a seashell at Surf’s Up beach. Her Grandma who she calls Nana Banana tells her that whatever she hears in the shell is the truth.
What Joanna doesn’t know is that inside that shell is an evil alien worm named Dr. Vinkswiggles. She also doesn’t know that Nana Banana has already been hypnotized by the evil alien worm! Dr. Vinkswiggle wears a top hat and is very good at taking over planets.
Joanna listens to the shell and hears a song.
“Wiggle, wiggle, like a worm!” It’s a very catchy song, almost hypnotic.
In fact, it was designed by Dr. Vinkswiggle to be exactly that! A hypnotizing song to take over the world! Dr. Vinkswiggle and Joanna form a band and their song becomes a huge hit. It’s released for sale everywhere, put onto soundtracks for video games, and Dr. Vinkswiggle hacks devices to make sure everyone hears it.
Then Dr. Vinkswiggle collects acid rain to make a potion to power his mutant lasers.
He sends out a world wide invite for people to come to a secret dance party at an abandoned warehouse. It’s a trick though. It’s actually his mutant laser chamber!
The lasers change the DNA of the hypnotized humans and they all become giant worms that dig enormous tunnels at Dr. Vinkswiggle’s command.
All the tunnel digging makes buildings and streets collapse and turn into dust and earth.
Dr. Vinkswiggle sends a message to his home planet Judy letting them know that yet another planet has fallen under their reign! It is a great day for wormkind!


Alison was a part of a super family. Alison fought crime as Super Gurr and had the power to control the elements; earth, water, air, and fire. However she wasn’t very good at controlling them yet and was more trouble than help.
Destroyer the Potato was up to his evil ways again and Super Gurr would have to find a way to stop him. With some practice, and help from others including family friend and brilliant scientist Dr. Device, Super Gurr saves the day and her parents! Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and giant potato masher robots make this a fantastically fun tale to tell!


This story was created during the first ever SUPER Start A Story Workshop with 140 children!
Eight classes from Kindergarten to Grade 5 all shared their ideas, voted for their favourites, becoming authors together! Their teachers played the role of ‘thought bubbles’ collecting all the students ideas as they created a wonderful tale about courage and their school mascot Cubby.
A cookie dough forest is easy to get lost in when there are so many interesting things to see! A crazy squirrel, a helpful chickadee, silly spiders and the students of Convent Glen Elementary School themselves are all there to help Cubby find his courage and reunite him with his mother who must find her own bit of courage as well!
The new young authors then spent the next month becoming illustrators while they created collage style art for each page of their limited edition professionally printed books! Since then two students have actually written and illustrated a sequel on their own focusing on the spider characters!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 10th Start A Story Limited Edition book!


SUPER Start A Story strikes again with 60 kindergarten children!
Mixon loved to camp, but he didn’t count on having a unicorn dream about him, making his tent magically transport from the forest to a field near a circus at a farm!
Mixon runs into a helpful juggler and a giraffe that take him to the unicorn’s shadowy home in the loft of a barn. The unicorn turns out to friendly and apologetic. She uses her rainbow magic to transport Mixon back to the forest and into his tent, but not before offering him a giant chocolate bar as part of her apology!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 11th Start A Story Limited Edition book!


Six classes from grade one to three became authors together during a rare SUPER Start A Story Workshop with 120 children! Their hero Claire discovers a ninja alien in her backyard and doesn’t hesitate to come to the rescue when she realizes the alien is stealing all the worlds cookies! Claire uses her father’s scientific inventions to help. She stops time, flies a plane, and swaps out all the worlds yummy cookies for carrot cookies. The aliens escape back through a blackhole when they think they’ve stolen all the delicious cookies, but they accidentally take Claire with them. She escapes with a jetpack and returns home, only to find out the world has decided that she’s a super hero! Captain Cookie!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 12th Start A Story Limited Edition book!


Hosted at Lee Valley Tools in their seminar room, this March break group of young writers were a great bunch with a silly sense of humour! The strong spring breeze stole the Prince Specklebottom’s lucky pink underwear, so he called on the Royal Rainbow Pigeon Pidgee since she was the only one who could see the infrared tracker he had placed in his favourite pair of underwear. They chase the fluttering pair of underwear all over the kingdom, into the city, through the sewers, and to a lake where a moose wears them like a fancy new hat! They even see them get stuck to a rocket that blasts into space! Once they float back down to the kingdom, they land in the dump and the Prince and Pidgee finally get their hands on his underwear!
The Prince is so happy, he kisses Pidgee who turns into a Princess! They fall in love and get married. They also hire Pidgee’s cousin the Rainbow Gryphon as the new Royal Rainbow tracker!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 13th Start A Story Limited Edition book!

IMG_768546. WHY?!

Shermy the worm has had enough of Melvin the giant squishing his family’s worm tunnels every week! Melvin would wander around Iforgot Forest in his fur clothing and red bow tie having been taken under its temporary spell of memory loss. What Melvin was after was cheese curds in the town on the other side of Iforgot Forest! The worms tried everything to save their tunnels. They built a wall but a confused Melvin crushed it with his robot arm. The worms consulted the witch doctor worm who attempted to make a shrinking potion, but it blew up and sent all the worms rocketing out of the worm holes. They all piled themselves high with the Queen worm on top. She squeaked angrily at Melvin and blew fire. She was very tiny though and Melvin wasn’t scared at all. Finally the worms realized Melvin just loved cheese curds, so they built a cheese cake factory right next to Melvin’s house so he wouldn’t go stomping through the forest anymore. He was so grateful he invited the worms over to swim in his cheese curd filled swimming pool!


Arianna was playing soccer at her town’s annual Llama Pizza picnic! Llama Pizza made the best pizza and always put on a great event for the town but this year was the 50th year and they were celebrating with a record breaking sized pizza that would be a part of the pizza eating contest! Arianna kicked the soccer ball and it split open! Everyone was amazed until they saw the soccer ball had come to life to eat all the pizza! Everyone was freaking out except for Arianna’s baby brother Timmy who thought the whole thing was hilarious and ran around in his diapers giggling the whole time. The parents ran around with their arms up over their heads and the kids were left to save the day. No matter what they tried the soccer ball would eat its way out. It eventually ate the record breaking sized pizza and got so full and so big that it exploded! Pieces of pizza and soccer ball rained down from the sky. Baby brother Timmy giggled his way into the mess and was the first to discover that the exploded soccer ball had actually become hundreds of little soccer balls. Every kid in town got a new pet that day!


Emma was turning nine years old and wanted to become an author with her friends. This is the story they created. Emma and her friends arrive at No & Yes Burger for her birthday party but instead they find a mystery! The Burger Bandit has struck again! No one is going to ruin Emma’s birthday if she can help it! The follow a trail of clues to a graveyard, discover a secret entrance, a talking balloon, and send the Bandit soaring attached to a newly created chatty balloon. The best thing however is that they get all the burgers back and earn lifetime free burgers as a thank you from the restaurant! Best birthday ever!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 14th Start A Story Limited Edition book!


Lilly and Jimmy had spent days trying to translate the hieroglyphs in a recently unearthed pyramid. This pyramid was so interesting because of the unusually high number of pig images. Lilly deciphered the hieroglyphs and excitedly told Jimmy. “Do not touch the Eye of Steve or you will be forced to leave!” Jimmy thought that was nonsense. So he touched the red jewelled eye in the nearby statue of the Pharaoh Steve and immediately regretted it. The pyramid began to collapse! Mummies came after them riding mummy pigs. They had to eat their way through a wall of crispy bacon, only to find themselves having to precariously parkour over a collapsing pyramid floor. Jimmy held onto the red Eye of Steve the entire time and luckily it worked as a key to get them out and safely into the desert! Unfortunately, the Red Eye of Steve woke them up during the night and let them know they had to return the Eye or be turned into pigs forever! They knew they’d have to go back… (to be continued ending).


Girl Guides write great stories! Kelly was the Captain of the Jupiter Soccer team competing to win the championship on the asteroid orbiting Jupiter’s nearby black hole. Kelly knew she had a strong kick but was surprised when the soccer ball cracked open as she kicked it. She was even more surprised when a giant purple chicken climbed out of the ball! It was a cranky chicken! It flew up in the air and kicked the floating platform the field was on. Kelly’s hacker friend Banana Man had to hack the platform controls to save the players from the black hole. Then the chicken had a temper tantrum, so Kelly gave it cheesy cookies which worked for a bit. The chicken started throwing bleachers into the black hole, and Kelly had an idea occur to her. She invited the giant purple chicken to play on the Jupiter team. The chicken helped them win the championship as their goal keeper! The team flew back to Earth on the giant purple chicken’s back to celebrate. Someone brings bananas and makes the giant purple chicken sneeze all his feathers off! It’s revealed that underneath all those feathers was a tiny robot chicken! The team decides to make it their new mascot!


Two crayons named Potato and Potatoe were swimming as quickly as they could towards two mysterious islands and right on their tail was a crayon smashing robot. They needed to decide what island to go to, and they needed to decide quickly! They chose wrong. Quicksand sucked them down and they fell into a cavern. But they hadn’t escaped, the crayon smashing robot also got sucked into the cavern and fell right on top of them. Now inside the robot, the crayons pulled all sorts of wires and made the robot sneeze them out so hard they landed on the other island. Another robot landed in front of them! But its face opened up and revealed the great inventor Jesse Van Dorfman. She told the crayons that the other robot had a crossed wire and wasn’t supposed to be breaking crayons – just twigs and branches for campfires. Jesse had designed it because she loved camping. Then the crayon smashing robot landed right behind them. Jesse and her new robot Big Chungas belly flopped the misbehaving robot giving Jesse the chance to rewire it. With both robots friendly now, they all celebrated on the beach with a campfire and smores.


Vivian was looking forward to the best summer ever, but a dark shadow in her bedroom made her wonder if it was just going to be a spooky summer! Using the footprints left behind by the shadow and her library research skills, Vivian discovers she’s dealing with a dragon. She offers it money like the legends say to, but this dragon wants nothing to do with her piggy bank. It is a grumpy red dragon who got lost on a foggy night and found himself trapped in her house! She finds him hiding in the basement and offers to take him to the cinema to make him feel better. Unfortunately the dragon is too large and they get asked to leave. Finally Vivian uses her talent of joke telling to make the dragon laugh. They become friends and spend the summer playing at the beach and flying through the clouds. It was the best summer ever!
This story has been professionally printed for each young author as the 15th Start A Story Limited Edition book!


Lavender had a secret, she would fight crime at night as Jeffy the Llama. It was quite the elaborate super hero costume. During the day she loved to play in her backyard. One afternoon however, she discovered a tiny door at the base of the large maple tree in her yard. As she looked closely the door handle began to turn and out walked a block of blue cheese. It introduced itself as Spoopy and curled its moustache. Then used its cheesy hypnotising stink to take control of Lavender. The evil blue block of cheese had her take him to the grocery store so he could spray the pickles with a can of Alive Spray. Spoopy’s pickle army scared everyone into the streets. Spoopy ate all the cheese at the grocery store to grow to an enormous size and he trampled through the city sucking people into his giant blue body! He walked far enough away from Lavender that his hypnotising wore off. She rushed to disguise herself as Jeffy the Llama to confront Spoopy. Spoopy was not intimidated at all and simply sat on Jeffy. Many months later when the pickle army was bored and Spoopy was hungry, his tummy ached a little too much and Jeffy the Llama poked out having eaten his way free! Spoopy was so overcome with surprise that he collapsed into a cheesy puddle and all the people he had sucked into his body were free, having survived on nibbling cheese the last few months. Jeffy Llama was a hero again, but really needed a laundry machine!


Landon and Neela were adventurers trying to decode the hieroglyphs in a newly discovered pyramid that had been nicknamed the Tomb of the Dairy King. Neela finally found the key to unlock the strange markings that were unlike those of the other pyramids and she began to translate them. One of the first phrases she translated read, “Don’t Eat the Lasagna”. Landon was the first to smell it. They couldn’t believe it but they followed the smell and sure enough a large room, that they had somehow missed before, stretched out before them. At the far end of that room a pedestal with a steaming tray of lasagna! Neela thought there’s no way thy should eat it. Landon thought with his stomach and stuck his finger in to taste it. Delicious! They each took a couple bites, but froze when they heard the scraping noise above them.
A giant slab of stone slid aside and released a monstrous ball of lasagna, that chased them down the hall toward a huge hole in the floor. They had no choice but to jump down the hole and hope they’d land safely. They landed just fine but had to move out of the way quickly as the ball of lasagna got caught for only a few seconds before squeezing through the hole and splattering on the ground next to Landon and Neela. It was a dark room with no clear way out. The sound of thunder erupted, then lightning. The lightning strcuk the pizza setting it on fire. Then a terrible tornado like wind whipped around the room, lifting pieces of the flaming pizza into the air. Then the rain began. Rotten milk rain. In the flashes of lightning, Neela saw a gold brick on the other side of the room and they raced across pulling on the brick and revealing a hidden door that led to a staircase and a way out!
Landon and Neela were safe. Neither one of them thought they’d be eating lasagna for quite some time though.


Musik giraffe loved listening to music and she always wanted to move to it, but no matter how much she practiced near her favourite waterfall and stream, she always tripped on her long legs trying to learn Acro dancing. She tried to dance to different styles of music; jazz, pop, baby shark, and even the local animal’s wooden instruments and drums. It didn’t work. Martine Chippy-Tree the dancing squirrel gave her advice to slow down and do one step at a time and it didn’t help either. So Musik travels to the city to find inspiration watching others in person and on tv. She catches herself singing along as she tries to copy the dance moves. She loves the way she sounds and the way her voice feels in her long giraffe throat! Musik thinks that maybe she’s a singer! She returns to the stream and waterfall to visit the water dragon who she hears sing every morning after his breakfast of fish. He helps her hone her singing skills and Musik performs for all animal kind at a big concert in the city! Musik had found her talent!


Captain Bob Banana the famous geologist was on a mission to save the universe from a flurry of black holes that had suddenly appeared. According to his research of ancient scrolls and texts this event could be reversed but he’d need to find an ancient stone in an ancient Aztec temple on Mt. Everest. In his rush to get to the mountain, Capt. Banana forgets to refuel his jetpack and it runs out of power sending him crashing into a strange looking forest. There he meets a unicorn that has eaten way too many desserts and is bouncing around on a sugar high. Capt. Banana uses his inflatable brown underwear to try and float away from the unicorn, but the unicorn gets to it first thinking that its a huge piece of chocolate cake! Capt. Banana finally makes it halfway up Mt Everest but is stopped by snow monkeys tossing their banana peels in his path. The unicorn floats by and decides to eat the banana peels as a remedy for her upset tummy. They find the stone, tie it to the inflatable underwear and watch it get sucked into a black hole. Capt. Banana hopes his research is correct. On the other side of the black hole awaits a megalodon shark who has trained his whole life for this moment. He snatches the ancient stone out of the air, swallows it, swims down to the underwater temple and replaces the stone to its rightful location. The black holes begin to close all over the universe! On top of Mt. Everest Captain Bob Banana and the unicorn are celebrating. The unicorn looks at Capt. Banana and says, “How about some dessert?”


Capt. Idunno sailed his fishing vessel The Idunno with it’s crew Kate and Xavier into the Bermuda Triangle! They were pirates in disguise looking for treasure from all the ships and planes that had mysteriously disappeared and sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Their ships motor breaks down and they are left floating helplessly. A giant shark headbutts their ship sending Kate overboard. She doesn’t stay in the water long since there is a whale nearby who blows water from its blow hole right underneath Kate. She is sent high up into the air landing back on the Idunno right next to the broken motor. She sees that it has caught on fire and that the ship has begun to sink! A true pirate ship arrives and pulls the crew aboard. The pirate captain tells his crew to take Idunno, Kate and Xavier to the brig. Captain Idunno tries to explain that they are also pirates. They try to prove it by making the pirates walk their own plank, then Kate shows her peg leg, and Xavier shows his hook hands. They are not believed. Captain Idunno is finally convinced by Kate and Xavier to show their treasure map to the pirates. Now the pirates believe that they are true pirates. Idunno, Kate and Xavier join this crew of pirates and sail off in search of more treasure together!

CD04B971-ADB6-41C1-97F8-7D56E499275258. BOBETTE AND THE CRAYONS

Bobette was invited to the world famous Chinese Lake Tree Fun Fair to draw a very large mural on the inside of the fun fair’s central bouncy castle. She packed her favourite crayons and they said, “Thank you!” She packed her favourite markers and they said, “We knew we’d come too!” Then Bobette got on a plane and took a super duper ever so long plane ride to China. She was very tired and excited. Her crayons were very tired and grumpy from being in her pencil case for such a long time! Bobette got into a limousine that took her to the lake. Then she got into a boat that took her to the tree in the middle of that lake. Then she climbed the super duper ever so long staircase to the top of the tree branches where the Fun Fair was nestled. The tree branches were as thick as city streets! The Fun Fair was enormous! When she got into the bouncy castle the grumpy crayons wouldn’t draw any color but black. Bobette asked nicely and even begged. The crayons said, “Nope.” Bobette threatened to unwrap them all since their colors didn’t matter. The crayons said, “Nope. We like being naked!” Bobette suggested a contest where the most beautiful color would win all the snacks and late night tv watching they wanted. The crayons said, “Hmmmmm… Nope.” Bobette used her markers instead. They were having so much fun, that the crayons got jealous, apologised and joined in. Together they created a beautiful mulit-colored avacado. Since the crayons and markers both a had a little magic in them that made them alive, the avacado also came to life, threw on its sunglasses and a dance party began inside the bouncy castle! All the fun fair guests were amazed and Bobette was applauded as an amazing artist!


Indigo Pinecrest hosted Start A Story Workshop and several young minds collaborated to create quite an amusing story that has been professionally printed as the 16th Start A Story Limited Edition book!
Princess Banana loved to make up stories. Her favourite were fairy tales. What she didn’t realize however, was that when she got creative and mixed up the details, the changes would actually affect the characters!
Princess Banana’s latest tale had the little mermaid house hunting while hopping on her spring-like mermaid tail, and the three little pigs gleefully piggy paddling around the island with their new pink mermaid tails. The Big Bad Wolf did not like the changes at all. He did not like the water because he’d never learned to swim and his dinner could swim faster than he could! The Big Bad Wolf set a banana tower trap, swam around the island the long way, and even drove a submarine but he could not capture the pigs!
The pigs felt badly and gave the wolf a group hug and made him their specialty – barbecued bananas! The mermaid hopped by and agreed to help the wolf learn to swim with an electric training tail! It was a new beginning for everyone!


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