The Books

The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper are a series of stories inspired by the improvised bedtime stories Timm Holmes has told his two young sons. Silly voices, goofy sounds, and even a game to play along with make these books ones that young readers will return to again and again!

A storytelling father, an editorial librarian mother, and two goof ball sons willing to pose for the photography that is the basis for the digitally layered and altered art on the pages inside these books, truly makes them a family affair!

Available at select Indigo, Chapters & Coles locations throughout the Ottawa area, or at

If you’d like a personalized message and autograph inside your copies, feel free to purchase directly from the author by emailing him from the Contact page!



Malcolm and Cooper discover a hungry dragon has landed in their neighbourhood. Malcolm has a peanut butter plan to save the day, but will it work?
Peanut Butter & Dragon is the first in a series of stories that find the brothers getting caught up in a variety of imaginative adventures!





Malcolm and Cooper are on vacation at the beach but Cooper can’t play with his brother because he plays too rough. Cooper meets a shark who has the same problem so they decide to play together. Will they learn to play more gentle? Only time will tell as they play catch, tag, and Splash, Fin, Toothy Grin!