The Children’s TV Show

You can view the 30 minute pilot episode of Start A Story the Children’s Television Show by clicking the image below.
Watch a grade 2/3 class at Metcalfe Public School as they share their ideas, vote for their favourites, and work together to create their very own children’s story! Enjoy the story as it comes to life at the end of the episode with the story telling skills of author Timm Holmes and the art of Brenda Dunn.

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I did an interview on Rogers Daytime in the fall of 2017 specifically discussing my Start A Story Young Writers Workshop. As my interview concluded and the show went to commercial, the host simply said, “That was fun! We could have spent the entire hour doing that.” I thanked her for the compliment and made my way home.

Halfway home I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. Why not spend the entire hour with Start A Story?” So I sent the show’s producer a pitch for a special edition episode.

He replied a week or so later with his own counter pitch of a three episode series.

As discussions continued with multiple producers, we settled on the single 30 minute episode approach.

In early 2018 I was assigned a production team. Dave Davies, Todd Cameron and I went looking for a small enthusiastic class of children that would take good direction and loved books and reading. We needed a group with great stories and ideas in their heads.

A junior grade teacher named Cherie Stanley came highly recommended from fellow teacher Vickie Taylor. Cherie Stanley’s passion for reading, her in-class literacy programs, and her think big first attitude were exactly what our project needed. She inspires her students every day to find joy and comfort in reading. This was the class we needed to show how amazing Start A Story could be!

img_7229I’m so proud of these young authors! If you enjoy their efforts and our show, tell everyone you know about the workshop and the show. We are currently looking to find a home for the show on an appropriate network so that we can spread our love of stories and creation to as wide an audience as possible!

~ Timm Holmes